Well, yes. Some days are better than others, but barefoot, front porch, rain days are good no matter what.

July has crept in already, and I’m in a rush to discover what the rest of my Summer holds. I have made a few new arts commitments recently, which feels really good after the massive “letting go of all the things” track I had been on since mid-season. The rush to discover is therefore carefully balanced against this discovery of not-rushing. Tricky stuff.

There remains much to do in the studio before the Fall, and Jen’s show is in full-tilt production. This means she and I struggle to re-group over the weekends, but we’re getting pretty good at this life by now. As a general malaise-breaker, I’ve been developing (and adhering to) a regular workout schedule, and have had my guitar in DADGAD tuning for this past few weeks – a sort of mindless, “everything sounds good” endeavor. I also helped build a set this past week. It’s amazing how much fun work can be when you have the option not to do it.

If this all sounds equal parts idyllic and restless, it’s because it is, but the time off has been so incredibly beneficial. If you’ll indulge me in a tiny drop of… err… truthiness, I suffered a bit through the throes of the “housecleaning” process, and I probably wasn’t aware that I had begun it until much of it was already done. It came upon me out of a sudden, urgent necessity, and just ran downhill for a spell.

So, this all amounts to a teeny, tiny, wee slip of a sabbatical. Although some of it came by choice, and some through circumstance, it has been good – and I had no clue how much I needed it!

Looking back, I know I hit my wall in February, and even then probably a little too late. Hind sight suggests that I may have over-purged, but gang, I was stressed out beyond belief (for months) and I’m learning now that I haven’t lost too much professional momentum for having slammed the brakes so hard.

So, with the decks cleared, this Summer functions as a “note to self,” if nothing else, regarding when to slow down. I am, when all is said and done, still a gypsy… with a front porch… and there’s plenty of mischief on the horizon.

Let’s be honest with each other…


Many of you now realize I have a love/hate, binge/purge relationship with social media, and that I have deactivated my Facebook account on numerous occasions. Should such a withdrawal upset your plans to reach me, Jennifer or I will happily provide my email, twitter handle, or phone number as is appropriate.

My life is… um… public by nature. One needs only visit a couple websites for the Toledo arts scene to learn my days, weeks, or even months ahead in considerable detail. I often choose, therefore, to share personal things in response, which serves only to render them public… alas…

Essentially, I often feel overexposed and under-disciplined, and have – for an exceedingly long time – been simultaneously exacerbating and fighting against this cycle. I’ve stayed largely because everyone else is here, which makes planning for social events and outings easy.

But (let’s be honest) the Pixie-Queen is in charge of what little personal time my work and projects leave, and she remains on Facebook. For my part, I will keep this website, and I fully expect it to change from time to time in both form and substance. I have also found Twitter and Instagram to be far less intrusive, perhaps because the shorter post formats help reduce the time I spend reading or preparing content. My creative energies (at least for now) are best directed down other paths.

It’s likely not ever a permanent thing, but when it happens, you can find me in those other places – or (even better) – I look forward very much to hearing about your fabulous lives when next we meet <3

Things I’ll never get tired of:


1. My job.
2. My family.
3. Riding single file to the liquor store (to conceal our numbers).
4. Replacing the bargaining stage of grief with grilled cheese.
5. Experimenting with facial hair (preferably mine).
6. Quitting Facebook, coming back, quitting again…



Basically, it amounts this. This is the first stretch in ten years, where I’ve actually been thinking about the very thing I’m doing while I’m doing it. No major stuff looming. Wide open spaces for mischief, and a dark room to escape to. Not all moments are good, but at least I’m finally in them.


Day one with Amadeus at the Peristyle.

What happens when you give an arts professional down-time, is that he or she suddenly realizes there is something fundamentally wrong with all that up-time. In other words, “busy” is – basically – a staggeringly stupid thing to be.

This summer is devoted to phases that fit my fancy, alternately clobbering projects like the studio and then picking away at little things, and artsy things, and dreamy things, and things and things…

I’ve promised Jennifer for too long that I’d move my office out of the house. That’s “priority one” as soon as our season ends. In fact, that’s the biggest thing there is. It simply must be done. The changing face of my work environment, and the opportunities to expand my reach once again are too tempting, and in some cases too daunting, to attempt without a dedicated space.

I’ve jokingly started tweeting under the handle “studiolacu.” That’s a Middle-English word for  “inland water,” and a nod to my barbarian, proto-germanic, Saxon roots. The studio is still, in fact, a mythical place without walls or doors, so maybe I’m the only one that thinks it’s funny. I will have it though, and soon, and I’ll assemble raiding parties from it. We’ll plunder the countryside (or neighboring patios) for our fire-dances and feasts.

I work best by creating chaos and sorting it out, and it will do Jennifer some good to get my junk up out of her carefully crafted home and psyche. I’ve also threatened for too long that I’d flesh out the arrangements for her gritty little cabaret, produce a staged-reading, finish some writing…

And the home budget could certainly use a kick in the crotch. We’ll do that, too.

And… as much as I hate parties, she loves them, so I think our patio will officially become our favorite place to drink and chatter with selected members of humanity.  I only need now to install an “awkward corner” for me to inhabit…


Social Stuff

summertim_bwHappy Summer! This site serves best when I have a theater project that requires documentation and updates not serviceable on other social platforms. It’s a rare Summer when that’s not necessary, but here it is!! I am, by the way, absolutely convinced that someday I’ll have the nerve to walk away from Facebook for good, so Instagram serves best for the quick snap-shots that make up my life, and Twitter (@studiolacu) for hit and run updates.