About Tim.

The Summer of 2014 marks my tenth (and eleventh!) show directing Youth Summer Theater, and this September I’ll begin my tenth season as Stage Manager for the Toledo Symphony.

I spent the first several years as a young adult traveling as a professional actor, meeting my wife (Jennifer) in shows at the University of Toledo, traveling still more, getting married, and eventually settling back in the Toledo area. Once home, I spent a few years in a corporate setting, specializing in digital media disciplines – information architecture, process development, and project management.

Photo (toledo.com) at Beethoven IX.

After successfully raising a few plants and a cat, Jennifer and I finally set our sights on family and an artistic, small-town home. We moved into Perrysburg, and our daughter studies upright bass in the fantastic program we have here in our system, takes private lessons, and played this year with the Toledo Youth Orchestra.

Jennifer works here in town as an independent insurance agent, and appears consistently on stage with the Toledo Rep and Glacity Collective. Our Glacity connections don’t stop there, as that troupe has been at the core of the collaborative effort between the Symphony and the University for a few years now. I’ve been honored to serve as stage manager or producing-liaison to the productions that have landed at both Carnegie Hall or the Peristyle stage.

Projects abound for us both, and fly by as quickly as they begin. My own performances these days, due to scheduling, are now limited to an occasional staged-reading, or narrating with the Toledo Symphony. My creative side lights up in June, with the sunshine, new casts, and every day spent in the heart of our adopted hometown.

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